Behind Closed Doors

My second EP is mixed and I don't have to do something ever again. I want to. But I don't have to.

While my head has mostly just been noisy these past few years, my heart has been continuously attentive. Out of this metaphoric and unbalanced symbiosis came five songs that reflect who I truly am at this point in my life. The work is introspective...

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We went somewhere

So, an update has been long overdue. As some of you might know, I wasn't entirely happy with the release of "And We Went From There" but still I would say that we had a good year. We played a couple of really cool gigs and I was able to present my band (with rotating cast members on second guitar). A couple of things happened for us and we are very...

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AWWFT CDs available now!

Check the music menu on my website to order your copy of my Debut EP "And We Went From There"! I'll ship anywhere for free!

This year is going to be an exciting one. There are a lot of things in planning that I will share with you when the time is right. Until then: Buy my EP, please.

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We're gone

I’m done waiting. I will start selling my EP “And We Went From There” on January, 12th 2017. A little birthday present to myself. Physical copies only for the time being.

It is such a thrill to finally release this music. It has been a very long and educational process and I’m more than ready to move on. I look forward with excitement and even...

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Almost There

The release of "And We Went From There" is almost upon us! Just yesterday the duplication for 500 CDs has been approved so the physical copies should FINALLY be done and in my possession within two weeks.

Apart from that, we started sporadically practicing for the big release show which is going to take place in Fribourg. Come November 9th we will...

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We're on our way

My first single Astronaut has finally been released. You can get it through all the common digital outlets. Personally, I’m an excessive Spotify user. If we have this one thing in common, please go to my artist page and press follow. Because in order to get admin rights to my own profile from Spotify, I need to have at least 250 followers on there....

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We'll soon be on our way

A "little" update is due. This post marks the official release of this website prior to the big release of my EP "And We Went From There" planned for fall 2016. Due to some personal and professional circumstances, this thing just keeps getting pushed back. But we're trying our best to make this happen before the end of the year!

So why release the...

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Emergenza Bandcontest

Emergenza is the biggest bandcontest in the world hosting qualifiers all over the globe which culminate in a final round held in Germany. Through a series of fortunate events, I entered a local Swiss qualifier round as a solo artist. I had to compete against six other bands in that round. It is a very strange concept to play music in a competitive...

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And We Went From There

Sometime in spring 2015, I started recording my Debut EP "And We Went From There" with the great Jonathan Oesterling as my producer. We arranged, recorded and mixed (Jonathan did most of the work on that end) five original songs up until December.
The music part of production is now over but there is still a lot work left to be done which is why I...

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