Almost There

The release of "And We Went From There" is almost upon us! Just yesterday the duplication for 500 CDs has been approved so the physical copies should FINALLY be done and in my possession within two weeks.

Apart from that, we started sporadically practicing for the big release show which is going to take place in Fribourg. Come November 9th we will be practicing more seriously and figuring final touches of the set out. If you are good and brush your teeth every night before you go to bed, we might grant you a little peek into this audiovisuemotional universe we're creating. This much is certain: Fans of good music, better guitars and new jeans should be happy with it.

First things first though. Next week, I'll be in Germany for the Emergenza Artistpool Bandcamp where I'll be introduced into the secret ways of the music business. We'll spend six days learning, developing, jamming und discussing just so we'll be even more apt at circumventing our common sense and investing all our energy and money into this snake eating its own tail. I'm excited.