Emergenza Bandcontest

Emergenza is the biggest bandcontest in the world hosting qualifiers all over the globe which culminate in a final round held in Germany. Through a series of fortunate events, I entered a local Swiss qualifier round as a solo artist. I had to compete against six other bands in that round. It is a very strange concept to play music in a competitive way like that but it is undeniably a very effective way to get yourself out there.

All the bands playing that night were very professional and had some great material and suffice it to say, my hands were a little shaky when I walked on stage with nothing but my guitar and some pedals to back me up.

I opened with a new song and knew I was going to be alright when the audience started clapping along during the instrumental outro of it. What a beautiful thing to play for such an interested and perceptive crowd.

Even though I misplanned my set and had to add a song on the fly at the end there, it was very well received. The audience voted me to second place with 119 votes. The deserving winners received 120 votes, one of them mine. If I had known..

What this means for me ultimately is that I will have to step up my game for the swiss semifinals on April, 16th held again at the gaskessel in bern. Let's fucking do this.