We went somewhere

So, an update has been long overdue. As some of you might know, I wasn't entirely happy with the release of "And We Went From There" but still I would say that we had a good year. We played a couple of really cool gigs and I was able to present my band (with rotating cast members on second guitar). A couple of things happened for us and we are very much looking forward to what the future holds. In order to prepare for whatever that may be however, we are taking a step back to prepare ourselves.

In hopes of staying present in your minds, just a little bit, I have decided to publish video content more often. Depending on what content that is, it will be on Instagram, Facebook or Youtube (not mutually exclusive, of course). So make sure to stop by on these channels from time to time.

Further things will be announced as soon as we're ready. Did I say that we're very excited?