We're on our way

My first single Astronaut has finally been released. You can get it through all the common digital outlets. Personally, I’m an excessive Spotify user. If we have this one thing in common, please go to my artist page and press follow. Because in order to get admin rights to my own profile from Spotify, I need to have at least 250 followers on there.

In any case, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who has purchased, shared or simply listened to the song. We’re on our way. Me specifically by train as I’m on my way home from our first rehearsal for the big release party (no, we don’t have a set date yet). Maybe it’s just my ego acting up again but I can’t shake the feeling that something big has been set in motion. Insert clever train <-> career analogy.

We will now work out all the details in the songs, rehearse them a bunch and set a specific date for what might just be the best party of my life.