We'll soon be on our way

A "little" update is due. This post marks the official release of this website prior to the big release of my EP "And We Went From There" planned for fall 2016. Due to some personal and professional circumstances, this thing just keeps getting pushed back. But we're trying our best to make this happen before the end of the year!

So why release the website now? If you know me personally (which is very likely, I would assume) or follow my facebook page, you will know that I participated in the Emergenza Bandcontest earlier this year. After a rather strenuous performance at the Swiss semifinals of said event, I was eliminated (for lack of a better word). Well, yesterday I got word that I was selected to be part of the ambitiously called "Youngstars" of the Emergenza Artistpool. This Artispool is a multi-layered community of musicians that are able to profit from the expertise and network of the Emergenza Organisation. This called for some celebratory action on my part.

So here's what's currently going on. The setlist from my EP will read as follows:

- Fighter (without a cause)
- Wind Of Spring
- Astronaut
- Just
- The Last You'll Hear

The artwork is basically done and we'll be swiftly ready to press the physical CDs once we have a release date. Digital release through all the common outlets (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and many, many more) is set up and ready to go. A rehearsal space (which was basically just a storage room before we rented it and first had to be cleaned out, isolated, etc.) is all but ready to go. So we will soon start practicing for a full band release show of the EP!

This is the current state of the operation but it will not end here. I have new songs written that I want to record after having played a couple of shows with my band. Also there will have to be some visual stimuli to go along with all of this shit. After so many years of bedroom practice and just making ends meet I can honestly say that I am ready to start the pursuit.

I hope some of you people will join me in my excitement.